Religious Scrapbooking

                  resources for preserving your family legacy of faith


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Journaling Topics for Faithbooking:

Some ideas to get your layouts started. If you struggle with journaling, keep a prayer journal, or journal after your daily devotions.


  • Did you attend church growing up?

  • How big/small was it?

  • What are your favorite childhood memories of church?      

  • Was there anyone at your church that guided and influenced you?

  • When were you baptized? confirmed?

  • When were you saved? Tell the story of how it happened.

  • What are some of your favorite Bible Verses? stories?

  • Do you have a family Bible?

  • Do you have a Bible that is extra special to you? Why?

  • What are your favorite hymns? worship songs?

  • What is your favorite way to be involved in church?

  • Share virtues that are important to you.

  • Share prayers and dreams you have for your family.

  • Share stories of struggles and coming through the other side.

  • Share times when you haven't been faithful or obedient and how    it changed you and how you grew in your faith from it.