Religious Scrapbooking

                  resources for preserving your family legacy of faith


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How to Scrap

Scrapbooking is preserving memories. You can be as simple or as creative as you desire.


You first step in getting supplies should be to make sure that you are buying acid free, lignin free products. They will be marked archivally safe. Most Targets, Wal Marts, and other stores like those carry scrapbooking   supplies. I would suggest going to your local scrapbooking store and getting help there.


Albums, Paper, and Page Protectors:

There are two sizes that are most commonly used in scrapbooking.  12 inches by 12 inches and 8.5 inches by 11 inches. 8 inches by 8 inches          is also becoming increasingly popular. Most stores carry 12x12 paper.


Post bound albums-these have screws in them that are removable for   adding more pages to your album.


Strap Hinge Albums-pages are hinged in, very annoying.


D-Ring Albums-These are 3 ring binder albums. I prefer these because     you can easily rearrange your pages. I also think they handle bulky pages better. Pages that have a lot of embellishments.


Page protectors are plastic coverings for you layouts. Buy the pages that   are listed on the album you purchase. Many albums will come with a few protectors.


Have fun with all the beautiful paper choices-buy what you like!!!


Making pages or layouts

Now comes all the fun! Enjoy cutting, pasting, and enhancing all your wonderful memories and stories. Feel free to experiment with placement    and color.



In your faithbooking, journaling will be your most important facet of         each page. In fact, you may not have a photo to go with all of your pages, and that is okay!

Your journaling can be handwritten or typed and printed on the computer.    I prefer a mix of both. Someday your family will want to see your handwriting.

Make sure that your pen is made for scrapbooking as well.